Why Buy Healthy, Non-GMO Pet Food?

There are always dangers to the health of any living creature that eats food created in a science lab. Studies have found that rats fed GMO corn showed significant kidney and liver disease after only 90 days had negative effects on other organs as well, including the heart and spleen. The FDA has not posed the strict regulations on genetically modified foods that they have with other drugs and consumed products. Therefore the full extent of the necessary research has not been conducted.

Keeping our pets healthy is our responsibility, and the choices we make will greatly affect them. Unfortunately, today there are many pet food products that are unhealthy and can actually be toxic over time to our beloved pets. These products are marketed and labeled as “natural” and “healthy” but are actually not healthy or natural at all.

When shopping at GMOFreePetFood.com you can rest assured that you are buying your pet some of the most nutrient-dense, toxin-free and GMO-free food available for your pet.