About Us

I created GMOFreePetFood.com because I am a pet owner (5 cats and 2 dogs) who is dedicated to finding the healthiest and safest nutrient-rich foods for my pets. When shopping for ourselves, it is important that we buy food items that provide the best nutrients for our body; avoiding pesticide-ridden, inorganic produce / vegetables and potentially dangerous foods made with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) ingredients. We should use the same standards when buying food for our pets. Unfortunately, today there are many pet food products that are unhealthy and can actually be toxic over time to our beloved pets. These products are marketed and labeled as “natural” and “healthy” but are actually not healthy or natural at all.

I have researched the healthiest and safest pet foods on the market today and have brought them together on this website. When shopping at GMOFreePetFood.com you can rest assured that you are buying your pet some of the most nutrient-dense, toxin-free food available for your pet.

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